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About Us

De Island restaurant is an owner operated restaurant established in 2003 by Persaud with the assistance of his cousin Harrinarine Jagnarine.  The restaurant is designed and setup with a strong Caribbean theme and flavor, with primary targeted customers being individuals of Caribbean decent.  In addition to this primary group, it was always the goal of the owner to over time expand the restaurant's customer base to include persons from all ethnic groups based on the growing acceptance of Caribbean cuisine and in particular Jerk.  This goal has largely being realized as currently the restaurant has a wide range of customers who have come to rely on the provision of consistently high quality meals and service whether through direct purchase in the restaurant of through the growing catering service menu offered.

Business Hours

Monday             11:00am      -      11:00pm


Tuesday            11:00am      -      11:00pm


Wednesday       11:00am      -      11:00pm


Thursday           11:00am      -     11:00pm


Friday                11:00am      -     11:00pm


Saturday            11:00am      -     11:00pm


Sunday              11:00am       -     11:00pm


business hours

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